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SAP Sybase PowerDesigner

SAP Sybase PowerDesigner ist die branchenführende Modellierungs- und Metadatenverwaltungslösung für Daten-, Informations- und Unternehmensarchitektur.

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  • We are sorry, there are no documents available for this category
  • PowerDesigner 16.1 Quick Reference

    Quick reference guide for PowerDesigner 16.1
  • PowerAMC 16.1 Modèle Physique de Données Guide de l'utilisateur

    Ce manuel décrit l'environnement de modélisation du module Modèle Physique de Données (MPD) de PowerAMC 16.1.
  • PowerDesigner 16.1 Requirements Model User's Guide

    This book is for anyone who wants to build a requirements model with PowerDesigner. For a detailed list of Requirements Model functions and capabilities, please see "About this Book".
  • PowerDesigner 16.1 Business Process Modeling

    This book describes the PowerDesigner Business Process Model, including how to create a BPM, build each of the available diagrams, and generate and reverse engineer process language files.
  • PowerDesigner 16.1 XML Modeling

    This book addresses Getting Started with XML Modeling, XML Diagrams, Generating and Reverse Engineering XML Schemas and Other Models, Checking and XSM, and more. See "Contents" for a complete list of topics covered.
  • PowerDesigner 16.1 Core Features Guide

    This book addresses Getting Started with PowerDesigner, Project and Framework Matrices, Models, Objects, Diagrams and Symbols, Reports, Shortcuts and Object Replication, Customizing Your Modeling Environment, and more.
  • PowerDesigner 16.1 Data Movement Modeling

    This guide discusses Getting Started with Data Movement Modeling, Building Data Movement Diagrams, Data Transformation and Control Flow Diagrams, Generating and Reverse Engineering Replication Objects, and more. Please see "Contents" for details.
  • PowerAMC 16.1 Personannalisation et extension de PowerAMC

    Ce manuel décrit les fonctionnalités avancées de PowerAMC: Gestion des fichiers de ressources e des profils, Guide de référence du Generation template language (GTL), Introduction au métamodèle de PowerAMC e Généralités sur le format de fichiers.
  • Aide Memoire de PowerAMC 16.1

    Quick reference guide for PowerAMC 16.1
  • PowerAMC Guide des Fonctionnalités Générales 16.1

    Ce manuel décrit les fonctions de base de PowerAMC 16.1.


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