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Sybase Push 365

Push notifications are a cost-effective mobile communication channel as a part of your overall marketing mix by sending push messages, as well as rich web-based content, direct to the home screen of any mobile device running on the Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry and Kindle Fire.


Find Out More About Sybase Push 365

Sybase Push 365, powered by Urban Airship, is the engine behind thousands of the world's most successful mobile apps, providing a full suite of messaging and content delivery tools, including Push Notifications, Rich Media Messaging, In-App Purchase and Subscriptions. Our platform can help you maximize the success of your app allowing you to build a strategy that will bring people back to your app day after day, extending its life and value.

For more information about the Sybase mCommerce 365 suite for mobile messaging services, contact your local Sybase office or have Sybase contact you directly.



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