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PowerBuilder 12


Sybase PowerBuilder 12 is the revolutionary new generation of Sybase’s award-winning, market favorite rapid enterprise application development tool.

Revolutionary? Yes! It’s not just a new version, it’s a leap forward in technology that also protects and extends your existing investment into the future. Developers can do more with PowerBuilder 12 and their current skill set than they can with any other application development tool.

Whether your company needs to maintain a Win32 code line, build Web front ends for existing applications, integrate with .NET development, or move development entirely to the .NET Framework, PowerBuilder 12 gets you there. Faster, easier, and more cost effectively.

The new Sybase PowerBuilder 12 architecture works with Microsoft’s Visual Studio infrastructure to deliver the highest level of enterprise application development productivity for PowerBuilder developers on the .NET Framework.

PowerBuilder 12 still requires only about five lines of code – instead of hundreds in another language – to access powerful business logic using its patented DataWindow® technology. With the DataWindow now re-written in C#, PowerBuilder 12 also produces managed code and natively supports Microsoft WPF, giving developers even more productivity, flexibility, and security. Also, it is the only product that allows customers to leverage their existing Win32® code and seamlessly migrate to the .NET Framework, saving the expense and complexities of re-writing.

Sybase ships PowerBuilder with two self-contained IDEs. The first is designed for Windows 32-based development to build and maintain Win32 applications and migrate existing code to Windows Forms and WebForms. The second is a new comprehensive IDE for migration of existing code to Windows Presentation Foundation applications, building new Windows Presentation Foundation-based applications and deploying 100 percent managed code on top of the Microsoft Visual Studio shell, all with existing PowerBuilder skills.

So, what’s new in PowerBuilder 12?

  • A newly rewritten DataWindow that natively supports Windows Presentation Foundation as well as many new presentation styles for an enhanced user experience
  • Fully managed code at runtime
  • New! WPF Application target type (.NET IDE)
  • New! WPF Window and WCF Client Proxy project types (.NET IDE)
  • New! .NET Assembly target type (Both Classic and .NET IDEs)
  • Compliance with .NET Common Language Specification (CLS) for comprehensive .NET language support and interoperability
  • Runtime packager enhancements to support generation of Microsoft Merge (MSM file)
  • Intellisense™ autoscripting support for PowerBuilder objects, .NET classes and DataWindow object columns and controls
  • Support for Tracepoints in debugging, running specified functions on the call stack, popup windows to enable easy display of variables and property values of PowerBuilder and .NET objects
  • WPF Visual Inheritance – Found only in PowerBuilder!
  • WPF support for 3rd party controls – this feature is pre-release for the PowerBuilder 12 GA delivery. Full support will be provided in a forthcoming maintenance release.

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