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Sybase and Intel

Intel and Sybase provide solutions for business intelligence and data integration infrastructure that combine power, value and versatility.


For customers running Sybase ASE 12.5 on Solaris 8, the long-planned end of support for that platform, by Sun as of March 2009, and by Sybase effective December 2009, means that they must move their workloads to a new environment or face special support contracts. For many customers, the resources and changes required to upgrade both the operating system and database server prompt a consideration of whether other alternatives can reduce costs and uncertainty for a comparable migration effort. Moving to Intel-based infrastructure brings immediate payback through lower support costs and reduction in power and cooling requirements.

Why Intel?

  • Cost savings- Migrating to Intel platforms can save 50% of the costs compared to upgrading to new UNIX/RISC servers, according to a recent study by Alinean.
  • Energy efficiency- Intel Xeon processors automate energy consumption and provide industry-leading multi-core performance without increasing data center footprint or power demands. With the versatility to adapt performance to meet server workloads, Intel Xeon processors help lower IT costs by automatically allocating power based on your performance requirements while conserving energy during low-use periods.
  • Performance- Delivering new levels of processor scalability and memory capacity, Intel Xeon processors provide industry-leading intelligent performance for demanding, mission-critical server environments. Maximizing both energy efficiency and performance, Intel Xeon processors dynamically adjust server performance according to your application needs. Intel Xeon processors deliver more transactions per server for data-demanding enterprise applications.
  • Virtualization- Intel server processors combine industry-leading processor performance with integrated, hardware-assisted virtualization technology. Designed with Intel Virtualization Technology FlexMigration (Intel VT FlexMigration), Intel server processors allow you the flexibility to migrate workloads to fewer servers, increasing utilization while saving energy. These processors also allow you to combine multiple generations into the same virtualized server pool, extending failover, load balancing, and disaster recovery.

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